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#1 Jul-30-10 4:45PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: Forestville, MD
Registered: Nov-16-07
Posts: 1242

I have a question for all you "name droppers"

Seems I can never spend enough at Bass Pro. Survived the rain during my first BDR trip with Naz and Ernie. The bait of choice was a Zoom Brush Hog so I bought some, both the Super Salt Plus Baby Brush Hogs in watermelon seed, and some Super Salty BRUSH HOGS in green pumpkin

With the upcoming snakehead trip I had to have some frogs so I bought some. First choice was a pkg of Strike King Rage Toads in green pumkin w/ pearl belly. I also picked up a pack of Yum Money Frogs hoping they start a feeding frenzy as advertised. I'm new at this name dropper stuff, but you get the idea.

So here's the question.... do these baits get along with Plano #3600 plastic boxes? Will they lose their magic or melt the box? I'm trying to consolidate into one box for the kayak.

Also, any advice for the proper way to drop these names will be taken under advisement.  Thanks

20' Key West..16' C-Hawk...Hobie Pro Angler...Hobie Outback



#2 Jul-30-10 6:10PM

Northern Snakehead
From: Alexandria
Registered: Dec-07-09
Posts: 504

Re: I have a question for all you "name droppers"

I usually keep my plastics in their bags as to retain the scents better, but no reason why it wouldn't work in a 3600, I keep my used but not trash plastics in one and the only problem I've ever encountered was red baits bleeding on to others which wasn't a bad thing since it made a lot of them look like they were wounded.



#3 Jul-30-10 7:32PM

Registered: Jun-28-10
Posts: 50

Re: I have a question for all you "name droppers"

I agree, you shouldn't have a problem. Chatterbait trailers have been the only plastics I've had melt or shrink up on me.



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