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#1 Sep-11-10 6:13PM

Patagonian Toothfish
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Some much for fishing at Riverbend today.  Got to the park only to have some guy there tell me the boat ramp is closed because of an Indian festival.  Sure would've been nice if that was mentioned on the website.  So much for public park.  I checked the website further when I got home and eventually found a mention of the festival. 10am-4pm  No mention of a ramp closure or anything.  BS

So on the way home I stopped by Algonkian to see what it was looking like and no real intention of staying there.  I happened to meet Anf there since he too got run off from Riverbend.

Eventually I went over by Leesburg airport to get some photos of the B-17 that is in town for the weekend.

Then I went fishing at the Olde Isaac Walton Park.  I got three small LMB, two on a silver/green spoon and one on a frog.  That was the first time I've caught one with a frog.  I had a few other hits on the frog too.  Last time there the frog was getting hit but not hooked up.  That's definitely a bait to use there.  Plastic worms got no attention this time. The first bass came on a cast where I was just screwing around trying to hit a turtle on a log. lol

Normal looking bass

The last bass was silver/grey.  I've never seen one like this.

One more pic taken at the pond.

Later I went to the airport to check out the inside of the B-17.



#2 Sep-11-10 6:18PM

From: Ashburn VA
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Re: 9/11

Very cool airplane......

Time to go fishin' again!



#3 Sep-12-10 7:19AM

Registered: Jun-28-10
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Re: 9/11

Nice photos and a pleasure to meet you. Maybe will do some fishing together this fall. By the way, I managed 2 smallies, a bluegill, and lost a good one out at Algonkian.



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