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#1 Sep-15-10 3:32PM

Patagonian Toothfish
From: VA
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Lake Erie, 9/11/10, FLW College Fishing Tournament

So we got up to Erie on Friday and watched the Pro weigh in.  Then we went back to setup are rods for drop shoting and tubing in the Lake.  When we showed up for the pre-tournament at 5am we were notified that we would not be allowed into the lake do to 6-10 ft waves.  We were only allowed to fish Presquile Isle Bay which is where we launched from.  The lake would be off limits. Our only spots were out on the lake for smallies so the game planned changed.  We drove around and then would basically just run the trolling motor around spots trying to find drop offs.  We found a few that did not produce.  We found a spot that was basically flat with a slight decline that had a rock in the middle. I caught a bass that was short of the 15" minimum but through a marker buoy out.  I then caught another that was 15" so into the livewell it went.  After I caught 2 Derek my teammate switched from his Jig to the smoke purple tube I was throwing and dragging on the bottom.  He caught 2 that didn't get to the minimum and then I caught one more that wasn't big enough.  During this thirty minute period of catching fish here UNC Charlotte decide they wanted to fish right next to us cast at our buoy so since I was on the trolling motor I just kept cutting them off and we caught a fish in their face that was short, bc they didn't know our spot was actually 15ft away from the buoy.  I thought this was bad sportsmanship and I am pretty sure there is a rule against it but I did not care that much, I just cared about getting 5 more fish in the livewell.  The spot stopped producing so we fished some rock ledges and the channel with nothing.  We tried the spot we caught all our fish off of for 30 min before the weigh in but nothing.  We only had one fish over the 15" minimum that I caught the rest were above 13" but just wouldn't cut it.  The minimum was created bc of the huge smallmouth but we couldn't fish for them so It was tough.  We weighed in the fish and later found out we finished 20 of 40 which wasn't bad for not being able to prefish or hit our spots in the main lake but we were both pretty angry about it and cant wait til the tournament there next year.  No limits were caught and winner had 8lbs. 

Link for Videos of the fish caught (a couple are up already)

Link of the standings … ;t=results

My fish that we weighed in

We have one team already qualified for regionals unfortunately me and Derek could not qualify at Erie which was our only chance this year.  Me and him will be fishing most the college tournaments next year including our home water, the Potomac, so hopefully we can qualify.



#2 Sep-15-10 6:46PM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
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Re: Lake Erie, 9/11/10, FLW College Fishing Tournament

Good experience....makes you hungrier for the next one!

Time to go fishin' again!



#3 Sep-16-10 5:36AM

jumping jasper
Patagonian Toothfish
Registered: Apr-03-07
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Re: Lake Erie, 9/11/10, FLW College Fishing Tournament

Nice report.
Lake Erie is so shallow, it can get very very rough in a short time and the waves are very close together. I have been out there in 4-6 foot waves and could not wait to get back to land.
They were smart to not let people go out there.




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