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#1 Nov-29-08 4:49PM

Rob Allen
Registered: Jan-16-07
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Solomons Report - 11/29 - Good Day.

Drove down to Solomons with my brother Chris this morning - he was visiting from Sanford NC for Thanksgiving - and we agreed that the best way to work off the Thanksgiving feast would be to go battle some stripers on the bay -

I invited George Lenard to join us as we needed a "Guide" -(George fished Solomons on Wednesday and was dialed in to where the fish were!)

We met George at the dock at 8:00 and after carefully boarding the boat (a nice frosty layer of ice on the deck) we motored to the harbor - and then out to the Pax River - and North up the bay.

It was a beautiful crisp morning - clear skies, and a gorgeous sunrise - we were hoping for a good day of fishing -

First stop - east of the Gas Docks - marked fish - but no takers - then went over to the north side of the gas docks - just at the marker buoy - and George picked up our first fish - then I scored and then George got our first keeper at 20"

- Chris also nailed one -

The school of fish was large - but just beyond casting distance - and I was not interested in going into the forbidden zone of the Gas docks - so we moved North and located birds in 41 feet of water and proceeded to hook up consistently on Lil' Jimmie bucktails, and Lil Bunker jigging spoons -

We basically drifted through scattered schools of fish which ranged from 16 - 22" -

After awhile, I moved us closer to the channel - into 45 feet of water and did the same routine - but found a better grade of fish - often times we caught the larger fish after passing through a school - on the tail end.

There were many trollers out there - and we did not see consistent hook ups from them - but most of the time we saw the light tackle guys catching and there were a few fly fisherman - Russ Wilikinson had a party out on his boat - and I saw who I believe was David Policansky flyfishing out in the area as well - we have the same boat - a 20 Grady.

The Bottom Line -

1. Last trip of the year on my Grady - it was a great trip!
2. Got to spend time with my brother Chris and my friend George Lenard.
3. We caught somewhere between 60 - 80 Fish - Top keepers were - 27", 25", 24" 22", 20" 19" - and many other legal fish that were released - after limit was reached
4. Water temp 50 degrees - Tide - Incoming  - Wind N - 1-3 Knots - basically CALM all day -
5. Hot Lure - Lil' Jimmie 3/8 oz in Bunker and in Anchovy Pattern - fished with a very slow presentation -

PICS will be downloaded on Monday and posted -




#2 Nov-29-08 5:01PM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
Posts: 12453

Re: Solomons Report - 11/29 - Good Day.

Outstanding! That is a great last trip of the year for least in that part of the bay! Next year, I am definitely putting in more time on the bay!

After fishing yesterday, I needed to stay home and nurse whatever I have.....I need to be strong for some bass fishing in FL on Monday afternoon!

George was my "guide" too on Wednesday and he put us right on the fish (I think he has some good connections)! As well, I told David (Flying Fish) to head down a bit if he wanted some quality fish. He had been fishing around Poplar and the fish just aren't there.

Can't wait for the pictures!!!!!

Time to go fishin' again!



#3 Dec-04-08 2:50PM

From: Ashburn VA
Registered: Feb-03-06
Posts: 12453

Re: Solomons Report - 11/29 - Good Day.

Pictures are up!

Time to go fishin' again!



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